The Business & The Brand

My daughter Calli was born in March 2000 and very soon after that Calli’s Corner Ltd was created.

Having trained as a ceramist and constantly working with clay, I attempted to take an imprint of my daughter soon after she was born. Friends and family were so impressed with the imprints that I had created, incorporating a photograph of Calli, that I decided to explore the concept further. As a mum with a tiny tot who kept me running rings around her, it was not ideal for me to return to work. I really wanted to be able to be with her for the first part of her early years. These imprints gave me the opportunity to create a small business that I could run from home, allowing me to balance working, in order to add to the family income, as well as being a ‘stay at home mum’.

With lots of hard work and dedication, it was not long before I had an extensive range of imprints, beautifully hand crafted and finished to the highest quality. I began selling the imprints at my local Market on Saturday mornings (yes, even in the freezing winter weather), and eventually branched into Craft Markets, Shopping Centres, and Baby shops (To get out of the freezing cold).
Constantly striving to maintain an extremely high standard of workmanship, coupled with an exceptionally professional service, I have watched Calli’s Corner Ltd grow into a wonderful little business.

Realizing the demand by parents to capture their little ones tiny hands and feet ( and lets not forget our paws too), and wanting to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming the leading company in this field, I worked at expanding my range in order to offer the biggest expanse of wonderful memory products all under one roof. The Calli’s Corner range expanded to include our Ceramic Imprints, 2D Stone and Ceramic Imprints, 3D Stone castings and a massive range of Fingerprint/Imprint/Artwork and Paw Print Jewellery. Within our ranges you will find many exciting and unusual products including coat hooks, blackboards, keepsake boxes, photo albums, soft toys hugging the prints and our latest addition of Treasured Toofies (Duplicated baby teeth as 99.9% silver charms), many totally exclusive to Calli’s Corner Ltd.

With a proven successful process, delivering an exceptional range of products, within a niche market, so our business grew and along with it our reputation. As a result, demand for our products and service began to extend into areas that we could not cover cost effectively from our home base, and so after 10 years we decided it was time to expand through franchising.

As this is not an easy feat to achieve, taking a few years to establish, we finally launched the franchise in March 2012. We were very excited to welcome Jodie Lane and Faye Penston to the family of Calli’s Corner, with Jodie covering the Dorset and South Hampshire areas and Faye covering South Kent. From those humble beginnings in the franchise sector, we have been fortunate enough to since welcome Lorraine, covering Bedfordshire and Cambridshire, Kate, covering East Cheshire and South Manchester and most recently we welcomed our first franchisee couple, Leigh and Lisa, who have just launched their stunning Calli’s Corner Studio with a shop front which is well worth a visit. Leigh and Lisa cover the areas of West Hertforshire and South Buckinghamshire. We look forward to working with all our franchisees to build our brand and put a Calli’s Corner imprint on the wall of every precious bundle in the world.


The Franchise Opportunity

Imagine a business that adapts totally to your lifestyle, creating an income around your family commitments. A Calli’s Corner Ltd franchise is a home-based business offering a totally unique and specialised service to customers, effectively without much competition, and therefore in strong demand.

At Calli’s Corner Ltd, miracles are created in the form of little hands and feet, beautifully handcrafted and expertly finished, leaving parents with the most treasured memento that they will hold dear forever.

Calli’s Corner Ltd have established themselves as specialists in the business of hand and foot imprints, castings and fingerprint jewellery. We provide a service that is so beautiful and touches the heart of every customer. We have built our reputation on the assurance of the utmost dedication to quality and professionalism, on which our brand has been built, supported by the largest variety of imprints available, offering a service that is unique and in high demand.

Twelve years ago there were virtually no companies in the country offering this type of service. This is how ‘new’ this service is within this unique market. The demand for the service has astounded us all, as parents find all of our products irresistible.

When acquiring a Calli’s Corner Ltd franchise you will be given exclusive rights to develop an identical system in your chosen territory and will receive a comprehensive business package that has been carefully developed and tested. You will have access to intellectual property, manuals and marketing, public relations and merchandising techniques. Our franchisee support team consists of subject experts in all facets of franchise recruitment and intergration, training, initial and ongoing support and quality control. With all this on offer, a potential franchisee will be launching into a business potential that has the best possible blueprint to succeed.

On taking on a franchise, you will be welcomed into the closenit, happy family of Calli’s Corner Ltd, and you will embark on a challenging and demanding adventure with us, that will be both exciting and rewarding and leave you feeling so fulfilled and proud that you will never want to be doing anything else again.

We will assist you in setting up a professional workshop, designed to fit your home, that will be bright and attractive and fully equipped in readiness for the launch of your business.

Your workshop will be fully stocked with all materials, tools, equipment, business stationary (Including branded letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, leaflets and stickers), samples and the operations manual, leaving you fully prepared for the launch. All of which is included in the franchise package. (A detailed list of all that is included in the package will be provided)

You will embark on an extensive training programme. This will take place over 4 weeks, and will include visiting existing shops in order to observe appointments and see the business in operation.

We will establish a business plan with you, concentrating on establishing your personal marketing and advertising campaign, infiltrating your local community in the way of shops, local fairs and markets, hospitals, schools, toddler groups, magazines, newspapers and shopping centres.

Your efforts and hard work coupled with the joint efforts and marketing and advertising campaigns of head office, as well as the growth of the brand name through the growth of the network, will help to ensure the success of your franchise and that of the entire network. Growth may be a little slow in the beginning, but it is perseverance that will win through.
In Franchising it has been proven many times over, that background, qualifications, past experience and age, whilst these may help, are not necessarily the key elements to success. It is the inner qualities such as determination, dedication, enthusiasm, keenness, and energy, hardworking and sheer staying power that makes all the difference. These are attributes you may have to work on, but they are clearly evident in the successful business person.

It is a two-part recipe; the base is our teaching on how to run your own business, and the very special ingredient is you!

It is generally accepted in franchise circles that absentee owners constitute a weak link in a network. We at Calli’s Corner Ltd subscribe to this notion and expect our franchisees to operate the business hands on, giving it their full time and attention and representing the brand with enthusiasm.

With a potential market of as many as 8 million babies and children up to the age of 10, with 800,000 babies born each year, and a demand from parents, grandparents and Godparents all wanting imprints for Christmas, Birthdays, Christenings, Mothers and Fathers Day and the ongoing repeat business from siblings, one can see how this business clearly addresses a huge market need for this service.

If the concept of Calli’s Corner captures your heart as a new career path and you would like to know more, please contact us to request a Franchise Prospectus.

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