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Children and weddings: To be or not to be

By 13/02/2013Dorset

Children and weddings: To be or not to be

Letting your guests hair down vs pulling your guests hair out

Are wedding celebrations any place for a child?

I pity anyone who is faced with the contentious issue of whether or not to include children on their guests wedding invitations! You are suddenly faced with a huge battle of conscience especially when budgets are tight and guest numbers seem to be shooting through the roof. So, are children to be included or not to be included.

Do you put a blanket ban on children and risk the cold shoulder from half of your wedding party or do you try and please everyone and risk your ‘special moment’ being drowned out by a ‘screamer’!

Would you be doing your guests a favour?

What hardworking and dedicated parent wouldn’t appreciate a ‘night off’ from their little angels, especially with the luxury of having three months notice to find a babysitter.  Would you in actual fact be doing your guests a favour by taking the decision to bring along their children out of their hands?

What Bride and Groom wouldn’t prefer seeing their guests letting their hair down rather than pulling their hair out trying to keeping their children entertained in a very adult environment.

Is it fair on the children?

Is it fair to dress up a your little Nephew in a miniature suit and push them down the isle hoping and praying that they wont have a meltdown half way down? It is fair to think children can be kept amused during hours of professional photos not to mention the seemingly endless speeches?! Yes they may look cute running onto the dance floor as the Bride and Groom take their first dance but when they are exhausted the next day and giving Mum and Dad a supersized headache, I beg the question, is it any place for a child?

Have you ever been faced with this monstrosity of a decision? We would love to hear your views and stories…

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