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To birth or not to birth that is the question

By 28/01/2013Dorset

To birth or not to birth that is the question

Is there ever a perfect time to give birth? That is the question that is consuming my ever waking life. To not give birth, ever, is out of the question, but am I ready now, or is life too fun, exciting, and above all MINE, to share with a tiny selfish version of me?

What Age is the right age?

Now that I am well on my way towards my mid thirties a question that comes to mind pretty frequently is ‘am I running out of time and am I being selfish by not being well on the way to starting a family by now?!’.

Quite a few anxieties come to mind, the scariest one being the potential for increased fertility issues the later you leave it, other factors include the fear of being a totally run ragged and out of touch ‘older’ parent, whether it is fair to ask elderly grandparents to frequently babysit, how long you will be in your child’s life for, scope for having a second or third child…the list goes on hey!

I certainly don’t regret not having children in my teens or 20’s as I have been able to experience so much, but perhaps it is time to take the plunge. I’ve certainly become pretty broody doing this fabulous job!

So what comes next?

Let me know if you have any interesting views or stories to tell in relation to having children later in life…