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Back in June I had the pleasure of meeting  Julie Young at the Dorset Baby and Child show at the Premier Inn in Westover Road.  Julie was keen to get a casting of her family’s hands created as a Fathers Day gift for her Husband and so a week later we set to work! It was a gorgeous summers day and we did the casting in their beautiful back garden, we had to work fast as the hot weather would set the moulding material even faster than it normally does. With a bit of awkward positioning and what probably seemed the longest five minutes of the Young family’s life the casting was complete! Mum, Dad and Coby all did a brilliant job. The casting would be a complete surprise to all concerned as it is never clear how it will appear until the mould has been poured and set!

There was one family member who was feeling a bit left out during all of this, gorgeous gentle Jazzy, the Young family’s 15 year old dog. I soon got to work on taking Jazzy’s paw print so that it could also take pride of place on the wall.

Whilst back in my workshop, it was such a fantastic feeling to reveal the family casting after the material had set. The positioning of the hands were beautiful and I knew that it was going to look wonderful once it had been worked on, painted and framed.

Here are the finished articles…

Family framedJazzy framed


I think a family casting would look perfect on the wall of Kate and Williams nursery what do you think?

Jodie, Calli’s Corner Dorset