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giftMoneyClipHave you ever been lost for words?

I have countless times including today! I wish sometimes I had the gift of the gab and was able to articulate what was on my mind effectively.

Just take this blog – I have been working on it all day and have been lost for words, having no idea what to talk about! Do you know what I mean? For hours I have sat at the computer toying with the key board hoping for inspiration to strike.

What do you do when lost for an idea or words? Do you resort to the old platitudes / ideas – a pair of socks or a tie for your Dads Christmas present! “I know how you feel” comes out of your mouth when your best friend is annoyed with their partner! Oh what would we do without the old stand by’s.

Well lets shake it all up and get something different for Dad this year for Christmas – what about a silver fingerprint key-ring. For your partner or boyfriend what about your finger print on one of our other gift items. That solves the ideas block – as for the words well just ask us for ideas of what can be added to the castings or prints to express that special moment – I will try not to have writers block then, I promise.

Oh well, blog block over for another week – lets hope for real inspiration for next week – till then keep smiling!