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Have you ever tried Scrapbooking?

I have, but I found that I lacked the inspiration to make the pages all look different. I started to make a scrap book for my parents 40th wedding anniversary and seven years later it still isn’t finished!

Scrapbooking is all about capturing your memories and displaying them in a way that is unique to you and your family. From the births, first days at school, first dates, engagements, weddings and even loss of a loved one. Plus don’t forget your pets they have a special place in our lives too. 061120111913-280x143

Here at Calli’s Corner we have a solution. Let us help you create your memory in that special way through either one of our imprints or in our jewellery range. Capture those special moments and add your unique words to your print too. I love adding your special nicknames to the prints as I know that these will mean so much to future generations – just think what your “little bunny’s” grandchildren will think when they see the tiny hands and feet preserved for them to see.