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Are You Ready For The School Holidays?

Only a couple of weeks to go til the school holidays – then chaos reigns for 6 weeks. Do your children find the holiday fun or stressful?

My daughter is autistic and I asked her if I could talk today about the fact that she finds the lack of routine that the holidays brings quite stressful.  Although she loves not having to go to school she also misses knowing what is coming next, the randomness of deciding on the day what to do depending on the weather, what money is available, what the family is doing, whether I am working, all add to the confusion and the stress.

Keeping Them Entertained And Happy.

I am sure it is not just autistic youngsters that find the lack of routine a challenge, what about your children do they find the lack of routine of the school holidays something they love or hate? Do they enjoy the family holiday? How do they choose what toys or books to take when going away (my daughter tries to take more books than most people see in the local library!)? I am sure there are more things you can think of that cause our children stress over the holidays, I have just scratched the surface of what bothers my young lady.

Share Your Experiences And Ideas For getting Through The Holidays.

If you have any tricks to help reassure other parents dealing with stressed out children over the holidays, share them here.

What have you experienced during the ‘Long’ holiday period in the past. How did you get bye day in and day out?

Any funny stories also welcome as we face the upcoming few weeks with a combination of excitement and dread.thinkstock_rf_bored_child_looking_out_window