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9d8b4de731ccffaba1ab28b705dd46b7Christmas is coming!

Christmas day is just 3 months away – are you already planning your food, sleeping arrangements, presents? I find I am always playing catch up, my brother is the best Christmas Eve shopper I know, many a year I get a phone call asking what I want for Christmas on Christmas Eve. This year I am going to get organised and get started in good time – well I will try anyway!

Santa is already busy at the North Pole perfecting those Christmas gifts for our children. Here at Calli’s Corner we need to plan ahead to ensure your Christmas presents for your loved ones are ready on time. Remember it takes 4-6 weeks for your precious memory to be completed for you – unfortunately we don’t have Santa’s elves to help us but it will be made with love!

So if you are planning a special surprise (or ensuring your husband organises your special surprise!) start booking your appointments now. Here in East Kent the deadline for guaranteed delivery for Christmas is the 9th November – so only 6 weeks to go!

Check out the website for appointment places or contact your memory artisan direct.