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Forever in Our Hearts – Memories Made to Last by Calli’s Corner

We all have things that we mean to do. Over the years I have met many families that talk about meaning to get imprints or castings done when their children or teenagers were babies, to spend more time with their parents before they get too old, to learn to horse ride etc etc. Time passes us by so quickly, our lives are so busy, so many things impact on our lives and take priority. After all we have forever to get it sorted don’t we?

Sometimes before we are ready we lose a loved one. Whilst we all know that one of the certainties in life is death, we don’t like to think or talk about it. Once that loved one is gone, it is forever, there is no more time to make those memories that sustain us in our grief and our future. Here at Calli’s Corner we are very aware that the memories we make for our clients bring a great deal of happiness, we wanted to be able to offer the chance of creating those memories even at the end of life. 12009788_661147070689345_1403843279806997175_n

Any memento is precious and as a company we at Calli’s Corner are aware that the choosing of a lasting memory is a very important decision to make. So whether you choose to have a 2D casting, silver fingerprint jewellery or any of our other gorgeous products we can work with your Funeral Director to make sure we give you the best possible lasting memory of your loved one whether they be a tiny baby or your great grandparent to keep with you forever.

Losing someone we love is such a hard thing, creating a beautiful memory that can be kept forever to keep that person close is a privilege we as a company do not take lightly. You can be assured your loved one will be treated by your Calli’s Corner artist with care and dignity whilst we create your beautiful memory “Forever in Our Hearts” from Calli’s Corner.