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What inspires you?

Do you get inspiration from the movies, from the good news stories around, charitable organisations, looking at art or your family. The world needs more inspiration – where would we be without the inspirational stories and people around us. We all need people around us that we can look at and say I would like to be like them. I know I could never run a marathon or climb mount Everest or paint like Monet but I can try something smaller.

In this job I love nothing better than meeting families and wondering what the child I am working with will become in the future, will they be a school teacher, a doctor, a librarian, a butcher or a future Prime Minister. What and who will inspire the future generations.

inspiration quoteEach day I have the happy task of fulfilling the quote “today isn’t just another day. Today I’ll create something beautiful” because each foot print, hand print and finger print, is individual and unique and beautiful.