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 It’s my Birthday today – I am getting older by the year!

This made me think that really birthdays and Christmas are times when you remember past special occasions. It’s that first Birthday or Christmas following the birth of your baby, the first Christmas play at nursery or school – I still remember dropping the Christmas pudding I was carrying at the school play in primary school and it rolling across the hall and under the parents chairs!


What about the day you got engaged, married so many memories, so many special occasions, special moments and amazing memories. Life is such an amazing thing to be embraced and enjoyed. Even in the tough times it is great to remember the good times, the special moments that make us who we are.

Photo’s, momento’s, all jog our memories and remind us of the happy times we had in our past. That’s why I love working with Calli’s Corner – we can create those memory joggers for you to keep forever.