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Jazzy framedPuppy Magic at Calli’s Corner

My sister has a new puppy that she picked up last week. He is gorgeous and so tiny, a real andrex puppy! I am enjoying puppy sitting despite the wet floors and nipped fingers. My customer yesterday had a chance to meet the little fellow when they came to my studio, I am pleased to say he behaved impeccably and slept through most of the appointment. The only problem is they grow up so fast! within a few months he will be much bigger and the memory of the wet floors, nips and scratches will fade.

However the memory of his tiny paws will last forever as I took his paw-prints last weekend so that we can remember how tiny he was forever. Can’t wait to get them finished and up on display.

If you have a new puppy or an old faithful friend Calli’s Corner can help you retain that memory forever in either stunning ceramic or fabulous stonecast, contact one of us and we will ensure you too can remember that puppy magic!