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www.trevordayley.comWhat memory do you want to keep with a Calli’s Corner treasure?

Memories are so personal and so precious. Whether it is your first day at school, a first kiss, your wedding day, the birth of a child, a Grandparent. How do you keep your memories alive? What stirs your reminiscences?

For me I remember my Grandad when I smell a certain pipe tobacco. It takes me back to Boxing day at Nanna and Grandads house. The fun we had making up plays for the evening entertainment with my cousins and brother and sister. I wish I had more photos of those times. I miss those times and my Grandad and Nanna.

Smells, sounds, pictures, images all can help us remember those precious moments of our lives. The thing I love about this job is helping people create those prompts for their memories. A fingerprint in silver, a handprint in ceramic or stonecast, how amazing to have your own little time capsule to enjoy forever.